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News su Viggo

Postato martedì, 28 luglio 2015 alle 22:11

Come avrete notato da un bel po’ di tempo questa pagina delle news non viene aggiornata, ma le news vengono pubblicate sulla nostra pagina Facebook regolarmente.
Per news e foto visitate quindi la nostra pagina FB :)


I guess you noticed that this news page hasn’t been updated  for a long time, we post news on our Facebook page  regularly.
So if you want Viggo’s news or pics visit our FB page :)

2 Commenti per ' News su Viggo '
    Gabrielle Dorflein
    6 ottobre 2015 | 17:01

    I don’t agree with the fact to have to visit your page facebook for Viggo’s news. I refuse to subscribe to Facebook or any social network. I think it’s a nonsense to oblige your visitors to go on Facebook. In this case you have to close your website because it becomes useless.
    Best regards.

    17 gennaio 2016 | 17:02

    I’m Sorry, the FB page is public, you don’t need to subscribe any social network to read it, but you have to if you want like or comment posts. I made this choice because there is more people that follow the news there. I hope you’ll keep on reading us, if you don’t, thank for following us until now. :)

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