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Sulla Perceval Press

lunedì 28 maggio 2007

Un articolo sulla Perceval Press e recensione di alcuni libri pubblicati, riporto solo la parte cheriguarda la PP e Linger, per gli aòltri libri potete leggere le recensioni nella pagina di PLAYBACK

Images of Disquiet | Books From Perceval Press

Written by Shandy Casteel

On the heels of his international success starring in the popular The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Mortensen founded the independent publisher Perceval Press, giving himself an outlet for his own work and a platform for showcasing other talented artists.
The conceit of stars—those so ennobled by the public and media to carry such a title—sometimes gets the best of the performer, especially when aspirations of serious art beckon all levels of talent. Nowhere do these desires turn feeble more quickly than in the realm of literary musings. From Ethan Hawke to Jewel, and right through the likes of Madonna; everyone seems to want to publish a book, whether or not they are capable of such work. Occasionally, the crossover manages a success or two. Steve Martin has produced notable fiction and plays while raking in money from the occasional piece of box-office chum; and last year, established indie music star John Wesley Harding published a radiant first novel, Misfortune, under his real name, Wesley Stace.

For others though, like Viggo Mortensen, the art seems to be part and parcel of who he is, the antitheses of the narcissist, a true Renaissance man as adept at carving out a musical interlude as he is putting brush to canvas, eye to lens, and words to poetry. On the heels of his international success starring in the popular The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Mortensen founded the independent publisher Perceval Press, giving himself an outlet for his own work and a platform for showcasing other talented artists. Perceval Press specializes in art, critical writing, and poetry, and makes no bones of its political leanings—from its adamant stance against the war in Iraq, to the politically charged home page (www.percevalpress.com), and publications such as Twilight of Empire: Responses to Occupation, which features contributions from activists and journalists. (Continua…)

Uraeus operato d’urgenza

mercoledì 23 maggio 2007

Ricordate il cavallo che interpretava Brego nella Trilogia del SDA? In realtà il suo nome è Uraeus e da un articolo dalla Nuova Zelanda apprendiamo che è stato operato d’urgenza e questo lo ha salvato da una morte dolorosa. Adesso Ureaus sta bene e in un’e-mail che Viggo ha inviato alla coppia che ospita il suo cavallo dice che cercherà di andare a trovarlo dopo aver terminato di girare Good che attualmente è in lavorazione in Ungheria.

dal sito della Massey University, NZ

Lord of the Rings star saved by surgery
Caption: Surgeon Frederik Pauwels farewells Brego on his discharge from the equine hospital.

Emergency surgery has saved Brego, who played Aragorn’s steed in three Lord of the Rings movies.

The 22-year-old Dutch warmblood stallion formed such a bond with Viggo Mortensen who played Aragorn, that Mr Mortensen purchased him after filming ended. He is cared for by vet Ray Lenaghan and his wife Jane at their property on the Kapiti Coast.

Mr Lenaghan says that Brego had been unwell for only a few hours but after an examination he knew he was in trouble with very bad colic. The decision was quickly to bring him to the University’s Equine Clinic and Hospital. (Continua…)

“Good” al via

giovedì 17 maggio 2007

Movieweb annuncia che ieri sono iniziate le riprese di Good e che dureranno 7 settimane  

Principal Photography Begins on Good with Viggo Mortensen

Source: DDA PR

Wednesday, May 16th, 2007

Seven weeks of principal photography begins today on Good, based on the Tony Award wining stage play by CP Taylor, with Viggo Mortensen (The Lord of the Rings trilogy, A History of Violence) in the lead role of John Halder.

Mortensen will star alongside British actors Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire; Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, The Patriot), Jodie Whittaker (Venus) and Mark Strong (Stardust, Oliver Twist; Syriana). The screenplay is adapted by John Wrathall, and will be helmed by award-winning director Vicente Amorim. Produced by Good Films Ltd, finance provided by the Aramid Entertainment, specialists in the provision of entertainment finance. (Continua…)

Viggo in Tartagal

lunedì 14 maggio 2007

La cronaca del viaggio di tre giorni di Viggo a Tartagal  in Argentina in un articolo de El Tribuno – Diario de Salta

Exclusivo El Tribuno: los tres días del actor en Salta
Un viaje con Viggo Mortensen por el corazón de la provincia

Llegó para desarrollar un proyecto cultural y de integración con comunidades indígenas de Tartagal.

Por Robustiano Pinedo

Son casi las tres de la mañana. Está sentado junto al fuego en una silla de madera y cuero. Ya terminó el asado. La gente para la que cebaba dos mates a la vez se despidió. Lleva la camiseta gris del arquero de San Lorenzo de Almagro y tira la colilla de un cigarrillo contra las brasas. Viggo Mortensen, de 49 años, tiene ahora una aguja en la mano y da la primer puntada a su bandera azul grana, que sufrió un desgarro pasional en la victoria contra Lanús, en la octava fecha del torneo clausura. “Me gusta cocerla yo mismo”. (Continua…)