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lunedì 19 giugno 2006

Dall’apertura della Mostra “Four Tales Fom Perceval” alla Jaxon House a Venice, CA, un paio di foto grazie a Deryck True, e un articolo dalla PCH Press

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Jaxon House Rocks
With Perceval Press Artists: Newsom, Milstein, Bryce, Mortensen
PCH Press

Sunday June 18, 2006 9:35 AM PDT


In the first section off the main gallery were the images of Mortensen. Black and white photographs of dark dreams or perceptions of life. In a rather humble statement from someone of such artistic stature and talent, there were only a few of Mortensen’s works on display. But, the small room dedicated to his work dictated only a few images could be mounted well. Mortensen’s photographs are humbling and a bar artists should hope to achieve themselves after thirty plus-years of photographing.

These pictures are taken from Mortensen’s newest release Linger. A blurred image of a child running and playing stood out from the rest. The young boy was nearly a silhouette in the blur of grey and black. One almost wonders if the photo was of a father’s empty nest syndrome with Mortensen’s son graduating from high school this year. Or, maybe the picture just conveys a feeling of euphoria that is common to all humans at that age.

Potete leggere l’intero articolo nella pagina della PCH Press


lunedì 19 giugno 2006

Grazie a lilivenezuella di Viggoville per questa notizia e per le foto

Viggo is the loveliest man I’ve ever heard of. My friend Gabriel has just found a newspaper article in an Asian Newspaper and sent me this with pix. Sorry for the bad translation:

“Viggo has been to Tehran to visit a patient with head trauma. A young author who was at the hospital due to an accident. The article says just how incredibly compassionate and kind this man (Viggo) is. He is the true example of a real and kind man.”

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Dalla Perceval Press un messaggio di Viggo Mortensen

giovedì 1 giugno 2006

Un nuovo messaggio di Viggo Morensen nella home della PP molto articolato e decisamente interessante, di cui riportiamo solo il finale cosě come l’ha messo Mortensen, il testo intero potrete trovarlo in Perceval Press, oppure nel nostro forum

When disease and decay that sooner or later have to be faced by every one of us become one more unaffordable risk, something is seriously wrong. Doctors are also constantly put in awkward positions by this state of affairs. They cannot be expected, through occasional acts of individual charity to patients who cannot afford needed care, and in spite of suffocating amounts of unnecessary paperwork, to make up for the serious shortcomings of our antiquated and, for most Americans, prohibitively expensive health care system. These are not signs of a modern, democratic society. The present situation, however, is as avoidable as it is barbaric. The remedies are willpower and integrity. If we do not demand a serious effort from our political representatives, nothing much will change anytime soon. It is up to us, as always, to make government responsive to our needs and rights as citizens. You know the drill: Inform yourself, and join with others in your home, your town, and on the street in making your feelings and ideas known. Regularly write, call, and email your representatives. Above all, VOTE, and encourage your friends and family to vote for responsible candidates. There is no other way within the system we have, boring as that may sound to some. – v.m.

There is no such thing as the State

And no one exists alone;

Hunger allows no choice

To the citizen or the police;

We must love one another or die.

– W. H. Auden

* source: Noam Chomsky, Failed States